She Chose Her Favorite

Remember when you were little and you would argue with siblings about who was the favorite child? There would be innocent fighting and silly competition….It gets to become a little bit different when the both of you become adults. It turns into secrets and backstabbing. The trust you once had for your parent to never leave your side is gone. They chose their favorite. They were there for your older sibling through every single breakup and every achievement. But I guess once you get into your twenties that parent doesn’t want to do it all over again. They choose their favorite. They choose to leave you. They choose to put themselves before you. They choose to put the other child before you.

My mother has worked behind my back with my older brother to leave me once I leave for my Junior year of college. She has chose to move halfway across the world behind my back. I know she has her reasons to do so but she doesn’t care to see the impact it will have on me. The nights where I had a hard day and I just want my mom’s hugs or her homemade banana bread to cheer me up will no longer be there for me. I’ll get to see her over a phone screen. That’s it. I’ll have to give my dogs away to a loving home because she was their caretaker. I won’t have the emotional support I once got from her. I’ll maybe get to see her two times a year. She won’t make it to see me graduate from college, to see me marry the love of my life, to see me have her first grandchild. She won’t be there for the process. But lets remember, she was there for the other child. But I guess I’m on my own now. I should be grateful that I have a father who wants to continue to support me through thick and thin. He hasn’t chosen a favorite and every parent should do the same.


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