The Week Before Winter Break as Told by Portlandia

Ah, winter break is right around the corner and we all know what that means to us college students….COOKED food and a bed that does NOT feel like a rock. This last week before our 5 weeks of freedom is the toughest because we’re so close yet so far from running away from these final exams. So let’s rejoice with our coffee and irritability for the next couple of nights because we’ll be home soon!

Portlandia knows exactly how we’re all feeling right about now:

  • When you see classmates at the club while you’re thinking about all the exams that need to be studied for, and final papers that need to be written.


  • You already know how much you have to do, so when someone reminds you…


  • “I already finished writing my papers and I have absolutely no exams to study for!”


  • When you finally start to notice how bad you have been eating all semester…


  • You have a week left but it’s too late…you’ve already gone insane.tumblr_n4tahermtu1qhcd6po1_500

  • When you’ve been procrastinating for so long that your roomies have to yell at you to STOP WATCHING NETFLIX AND WRITE THAT FREAKING ESSAY.


  • You’re just sick and tired of being sick and tired. Thanks, college.



  • Let’s be positive, guys…Christmas is in two weeks!!



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