Please Read This When You’re Feeling Anxious

As a young adult diagnosed with anxiety, social anxiety, and occasional panic attacks, I know how impossible completing simple tasks can be day-to-day. Sometimes my anxiety medication cannot help me completely and I have to resort to the power of my own thoughts to comfort my anxieties. So, to anyone out there dealing with the crushing pain of any type of anxiety, please read this, because sometimes positive words are more powerful than your prescription.



  • Try your best to NOT overthink…I know this sounds insane, but I always use these words to help me through an overthinking fit.

    1. “Your mind is not that powerful, so you’re not going to change anything by worrying about something excessively.”

    2. “Just let it all be; whatever happens, will happen, no matter how much you think about it.”

    3. “Concentrate on your senses…look around, smell, and feel….notice how alive you are.”



  • In social situations, think about the other people, and not yourself. I have terrible anxiety when I’m in bigger group situations and I always think about these words to help me through it.

    • “They want to hear what you have to say.”

    • “Focus on your breathing….limit your thoughts.”

    • “They’re all just like you.”



  • During a panic attack I experience really fast breathing, shaking, and pure insanity. Your attacks may be more calm to a certain extent, but these words can help you calm down.

    • “Breathe in for 5 seconds….breathe out for 5 seconds….and repeat until you are calm.”

    • “Think of the positives…your favorite movies, music, and celebrity; what makes you happy?”

    • “Call a friend, let it all out.”



To an extent, words may not help, but we have to realize that if we can cause the anxiety, we can calm down the anxiety. Life is too short to focus on the what-ifs. You’ll be amazed to see how beautiful life is when you actually sit down and focus on your current surroundings. Life will happen according to its own design, so learn to embrace it.

This post is in no way telling people with anxiety to stop using their medication, but rather, to not depend on it, because we are NOT our anxiety…we are our own person.






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