Why Are We Obsessed with Bernie Sanders?

I belong to the generation of people who are known to be more selfish than any other generation in history. I have grown up with the rising trend in technology and the unhealthy addiction to our iPhones. I know what it’s like to be so desensitized from world affairs and to only focus on what I’ll be posting on Instagram later (should I post that selfie now, or wait another hour until more people are awake?). Bernie Sanders somehow opened the door my generation had closed for so long and led us out into the real world, hand-in-hand (not literally, but a girl can dream). But what is it about Bernie Sanders that gets our generation so worked up in the best way? Is it because of his strong liberal views? His sense of actually knowing what the f*ck is going on this world? or his charming good looks? Let me get to the point: Bernie Sanders made the “it’s all about me” generation socially aware. The obsession with Bernie Sanders is needed now more than ever so we can show the rest of the world what America actually needs.

Once I heard about who was running for the 2016 election, without thinking, I was set on Hillary Clinton solely based on the fact she was a woman and I always wanted to see a woman president. But after further investigation, (and this is a whole different story for an entirely different blog post) I couldn’t trust that woman for a second. I didn’t know anything about Bernie Sanders until I took the quiz on ISideWith.com to actually see who I sided with. No surprise, I sided with Sanders 92%.  From then on I started to see what this guy was really about. After watching various news stations and reading articles about him I realized that this man was insane! His views were so on track with mine. It blows my mind that there is a presidential candidate who knows the billionaire class is destroying our country, college tuition is too high, prohibition on marijuana is ridiculous, mass incarceration needs to stop, and minimum wage needs to be raised. Am I dreaming? Who knew someone running for president isn’t a phony and actually understands fully the issues we live with?

Bernie Sanders is that drunk girl you meet in the bathroom at a party who just gets you. He’s not afraid to tell you to dump that guy or that you’re better than the Gap. To put it simply, he’s not fake. He tells us what is not only wrong with America but how he’s actually going to change it. I’m not staring blankly asking “What?” after he speaks, like I do with other candidates, because he’s so straight up and to the point. He doesn’t want to build the Great Wall of America, like Trump, and he doesn’t change his viewpoints based on what group of people he’s speaking to, like Clinton. We want the drunk girl in the bathroom we become best friends with as president, not the guy trying to find a one-night stand at the bar.

I sincerely admire Bernie Sanders and his blunt attitude. In my eyes, he is going to be the reason why my generation becomes more socially aware. He is the reason why people my age are going to vote in the next election and most likely in future elections as well. He knows that there is a large group of young adults stuck in the midst of high tuition, low-paying jobs, and a lack of hope. Bernie brings us hope again… and this coming from a girl in the desensitized generation really says a lot.

America needs Bernie Sanders. This man knows what the hell he’s talking about. He actually knows why the world is so screwed. He’s straight to the point, there’s no beating around the bush with him, he has a world to change! I want to thank you, Bernie Sanders, for opening the eyes of my generation, we have never been so aware. So, when the presidential election of 2016 comes to a close and Bernie Sanders is announced the next President of the United States, you can thank the “it’s all about me” generation because we’re going to vote for the man who is changing us into the “it’s all about us” generation.


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